Having a record of the bats that has been made by you can be really beneficial for you because you can use these records of the bats to do practice. After doing the practice we can have more improvement in our skills and techniques. Before placing a bats by cricket betting id in india you can go through your betting record. If you are stuck in a situation where you don’t get any idea how to tackle a problem in the field of cricket batting. You can apply strategies from your own record and can add more Strategies and techniques and more information with the passing of the time so you can have the best record of the best for future bats.


Add the results of battings about the number of the bats you have won loose or you had been avoided or lose because of some specific reasons and even write the excuses and the issue you have faced for getting such results. You can add some extra details by giving the explanation of the techniques you have used or the issue you resolved for an outcome because of the performance of some players or some any other issue.


And some notes about all over observations you do or did about the performance of the players and any relatable factors about the match that have been an important factor for changing the outcome of specific match on which you have been placing a bet with your online satta id. Add the lessons and points that you have understood and learned by your performance in the batting.

Financial records

You can add your financial winnings or losses with a specific reason for that winning and for that loss also. The record of winning will help you to be motivated to place more bets and the record of losing will help you to be aware of some tactics and in avoiding having financial loss by keeping in mind the reason for facing financial loss in the betting markets. Never forget to update your records. There can be many ups and downs in your financial records but it is need to be considered for sure for more improvement.


Many types of trends comes and go every time so keep in mind that you add these trends of battings because you never know when these trends come back again in the field of batting so you can place a beneficial bet with your cricket id. You can add the calculation of the percentage of winning rates and losing rates so you can have an understanding of the rate of being successful. There can be long-term betting trends also in this betting market.


You can add in your records about the performance in a specific tournament or in a specific match in which you have made the most profit so you can consider the techniques that have been used in this specific match or in tournament before placing a bat to gain more benefit in the journey of cricket batting.


By analyzing your own records you can make more improvements in your skills and techniques for better outcomes and to win more benefits in the field of battings.